What's your favorite Thanksgiving Day sound?

What's your favorite Thanksgiving Day sound?


Of all the sounds that will delight and assail us tomorrow on Thanksgiving, what's the one that best defines the holiday for you?

Maybe it's the parade on TV... the game at the high school...  the chatter of visiting relatives...  the kids playing in the next room... the prayer before the meal...  or the last car pulling out of the driveway.

At HearForever, we took a quick survey... 

Renee says hers is the laughter of family and friends gathered around the table, in between bites!

Brad's favorite is the doorbell, signaling friends and family arriving for the holidays.

And for Theresa, it's the clink of the silverware during that quiet moment when everyone just begins to eat.  

Regardless of our preference, it's important that we properly appreciate how the sounds of the day (and others) add to the experience of whatever we are doing.

What's your defining sound for Thanksgiving Day?

Blog Author:  Theresa Y. Schulz / PhD. Lt. Col. USAF (ret.)  
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